Sunday, June 21, 2009

Progress on the pink blob!

I've picked up my grandma's shawl I'm working on for Christmas and I'm plugging away on it again. A refresher... this is the 1840 Sampler Shawl from the fabulous book Victorian Lace Today (Jane Sowerby). Here's my ravelry link (clicky-clicky).

pink lace shawl, first half

I'm still enjoying the sampler format, it keeps it fresh. I've made enough triangular shawls to get a bit bored with them and want a change. I'm enjoying the rows that all stay the same length, instead of getting hopelessly and impossibly long as the shawl progresses.

To celebrate being 1/2 way done with the body of the shawl (that's the shawl excluding the knitted on border) I decided to lay it out on the carpet and see if I could get it to stay stretched out so I could have a look at it. I love lace, it's like magic when you get it all stretched out, and seeing it like this makes me that much more anxious to get it finished and blocked. I hope the enthusiasm sticks for a while. :)

Bonus, it looks like I might have enough yarn to do the border in this yarn, but if not, I'm OK with doing it in a different shade. I am, really, so, you know, I'm not tempting fate with my optimism. Not at all. Really.

Here's a detail on one of the lace patterns... it's so delicate! Two of the sampler patterns are patterned on both sides (instead of all purls on the wrong side). It's much more fiddly to do decreases like that in purl, and reading the knitting is a little harder for me that way because I'm less used to it, but the results are well worth it...

pink lace shawl detail

How many knitting days till Chrsitmas?

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