Thursday, November 11, 2010

more socks

Another pair of socks knit quite some time ago... These are out of the Cascade handpainted sock yarn, I forget the specifics. I bought it on impulse since I was on a "yarn crawl" event and totally unsuccessful at NOT buying at least one thing at every store. I think I was also trying to convince ellie that I was capable of buying yarn that did not include in some way teal, lime green, or dark purple. What can I say, I have a problem, at least lately, with overpurchasing of items in these colors.

Anyway, these are a garter stitch rib (2 knit x 2 garter) with 2x2 ribbed stitch cuffs and are pretty uneventful otherwise. They do fit me nicely, and I am working to get over the extreme pinkness, but they're still fun.

Birdseye view:
Pink Socks

From the side, showing the very simple/basic heel, the flap is knit in the same rib stitch as the rest, and I find that picking up the side stitches in garter leaves absolutely no ridge on the inside of the sock, unlike when I try to pick up a stockinette or slip stitch selveage:
Pink Socks

Closeup of the stitch pattern. I have convinced myself that the small amount of yellow in there is enough to keep them from being too girly:
Pink Socks!

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