Tuesday, February 3, 2009

more of last year's projects

I've been lax about uploading photos of my current projects. I have been busy, a pair of plain jane socks popped off the needles after I discovered a nearly completed sock in my knitting basket that I don't even remember making. I grafted the toe shut and knit a mate lickety split. Not sure when I made the first one, and it bugs the heck out of me that I can't remember.

So... here are some of last year's Christmas things.

These two little projects are both made from the same fabric. First one is a Christmas ornament I made from the scraps of the Apron shown below. I made about 10 of these little guys, and it's a great way to use up little scraps from a project with a fabric like this. The one thing I would have done differently is match up the fabric pattern for each of the different colors. I accidentally came pretty close to doing so, but unfortunatly it looks like I tried and messed it up. That's worse than it looking like you didn't try at all. :( But the project went over well with the recipient (I'm told, I wasn't there), so that's what counts in the end. Nobody is as picky about the things I make as I am.

This is a scarf I made for my grandma for xmas. I'm still very new to weaving, but I'm happy with this. And boy, let me tell you, was this thing fast! Weaving in worsted weight yarn is the weaving equivalent of knitting with super ultra bulky weight. This took just a few hours from start to finish! The yarns are both cotton/rayon blends and it's a point twill. By coincidence the way the weft was verigated made the pattern look like alternating light and dark zig zags. How neat is that! The first pic is still on the loom under tension. The scarf is a little on the short side because I didn't plan for quite as much shrinkage as I ended up with, but since it's pretty much to drape around your neck for fashion rather than warmth, AND my grandma is a good bit shorter than I am, it'll do just fine.
Speaking of Christmas gifts for my grandma, the pink lace shawl is coming along swimmingly. I'm almost done with the first half, then it's just the border. I don't think I am going to have enough of the yarn I bought to finish. I might do the border in another shade of pink. I'm thinking a really light pink would play well against the more vibrant pink in the body of the shawl. A different enough color to look like I did it on purpose, rather than similar enough to look like I messed up on dye lots.

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