Monday, July 27, 2009


Without too much trouble, my perfectly matching noro keureon sock yarn socks are done! Photos and details to come very soon. Two plane flights in two days = the perfect time to push through and finish socks. YAY!

The second sock really didn't want to match, but I made it happen. Take that you devious skein with a knot in it where two color repeats suddenly got skipped and the green repeat that wanted to be much longer than the one on the first sock, you did not defeat me! Good thing I wasn't counting on using ALL the yarn :) That sock yarn ball is probably plenty big enough for me to have made a whole nother sock (if I wanted a not matching third sock), and I have size 11 feet. I just don't like my socks terribly high up my legs, there's only so much wool a Texas winter requires.
:-) I'm happy.

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  1. Hey Claire,

    I found your comment on my blog (The Eventual Mexican) about your name being in that Jane Austin book.

    I enjoyed reading your notes and I think it's really interesting that your book ended up in Mexico like that.

    Hope all is going well for you.