Wednesday, August 5, 2009

weaving... more plain weave... again :)

I've started another weaving project... more plain weave again.

I'm using Katia Colibri, which is a thick and thin yarn, and it's giving the weaving an interesting effect so far. I plan on making this up as a scarf and giving it as a Christmas gift to my great aunt, who seems to like white accessories.

Here is what the warp looks like pre-weaving, which gives a good idea of the thick and thin nature of the yarn. It's 51% cotton, 45% acrylic, 4% nylon and 223 yards per 50 grams. Usually I prefer natural fibers, but I know that is less of a concern for my aunt.


Woven in plain weave with the yarn as both warp and weft at 12 ends per inch. I like the grid effect that the randomly placed thick and thin sections give.

katia colibri woven

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