Friday, August 7, 2009

more details about those noro socks

Making a matching pair of socks out of noro can be quite a challenge...

I’m pretty stunned I got a matching pair of noro socks…
noro kureyon socks
I knit up the first sock without a care in the world… using a basic plain stockinette sock pattern I’ve pretty much memorized. When i got to the toe I realized I used pretty much exactly one repeat.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited. I started the second sock right away, all was going well until I got to the beginning of the green section. There was a knot in the yarn where it suddenly skipped from barely starting olive green straight through to nearly finished with lime green. Grr!!!

Thankfully I wasn’t going to use all the yarn and there looked to be a second set of olive through to lime green onwards in the ball. I wound off through the end of that repeat all the way through to where the dark green started again to continue the un-interrupted pattern… only now the green repeats were much longer than they were on the first sock. I wound out a large chunk of dark green to compensate, and again with a large chunk of the more medium greeen. Then the lime green section was much much shorter than on sock #1 and I added in more of that color from the section I’d cut out because of the knot.

So… thankfully this ball of yarn was enough for nearly three socks at the height I like them, otherwise I could never have cobbled together a matching pair…
noro kureyon socks
noro kureyon socks

I don't know if I'll ever try to do this again, on purpose, from the start. It would be an interesting exercise.

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