Sunday, August 16, 2009

Plainweave Katia Colibri scarf finished!

This was another fast-seeming weaving project... my guess is that weaving latley seems quick because I'm comparing it to how long it would take to knit something the same size using the same weight of yarn.

Anyway, this scarf exceeded my expectations on all fronts and I'm pleased as punch.

Woven in plain weave at 12 ends per inch, the scarf is just about 8" wide and nearly six feet long. The most challenging part was not beating the weft too hard, it needed a gentle and consistent hand to maintain the openness, although the thick and thin yarn also helps to disguise any minor inconsistencies.

woven katia colibri scarf

I like the cross hatcing effect created by the thick and thin sections of warp and weft interacting and how it makes some areas solid and others translucent, the drape is also really nice.

woven katia colibri scarf

woven katia colibri scarf

For the finish I did the simplest one possible... I knoted the warp ends at both sides. I like that finish for scarves, since having a hem at the top and the bottom of a scarf just seems weird. Sometime I'll have to try hemstitching too, I've only done knotting and finishing the end on a sewing machine.

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