Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baked Goods

One of my projects I've taken on this year is to do a lot more baking. I really want to improve my skill. Because everyone has to start somewhere, I received a copy of the King Arthur Flour book Whole Grain Baking as a gift and I'm slowly working my way through as many of the recipes as I can. So far I'm up to about 10 recipes and they've all been great.
My biggest success so far has been the shortbread (Scottish Shortbread p. 332), where the main grain is oatmeal ground in a food processor. I made one major change to the recipe though... I used sugar that I'd mixed with tangerine zest in the food processor (instructions here). The results were fantastic! The book suggests using orange to accentuate whole grain flavor in other recipes, so it came to mind as a natural fit and a great way to use all the extra sugar mix I had leftover from making other holiday gifts. I love the big boxes of tangerines you can only find during the holidays and this is a great way to use them.
The delicious shortbread got packed up and labeled with a label I created in good old MS Word and went to the neighbors for New Years.

Ok... so only about 2/3rds of it went to the neighbors. Shortbread is a hubby favorite. This recepie definitly gets a stellar review from us!

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