Friday, January 9, 2009

Weaving yarn stash created!

I was, perhaps, a little overzealous at WEBS right after the new year, but with great results!

I now have a good quantity of both mercerized and unmercerized cotton that will shortly become some woven dishcloths and shawls. Ooo Pretty! I'm just learning to weave, so it may be slow going (the yarn is SO THIN!), but I'm up for the challenge.

The box arrived yesterday. Hubby says that when he picks up a box of yarn and says "ooh... this is heavy" that he knows I ordered A LOT of yarn. But seriously, they sell it in one pound cones, and if you want to make your sister a set of three dishcloths with three colors each... you see where I'm coming from.
Oh, and I made another recepie from the cookbook. Photos and stuff to follow.

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