Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting ahead

Do you have any relatives who love receiving handmade gifts but proclaim everything is too nice to use? I do, it's my grandma. A few years ago I made her a Kiri shawl (pdf, my ravelry). I now hear it's gone missing. I'm sure she's heartbroken. I've seen how grandma treats these things I make her. I would not be surprised if she carried around a box and a plastic bag so it would be "safe" in the box. I think this caution is the cause of its downfall. I've decided to take this as the best opportunity to make her a new one. If she has two, then perhaps temporarily misplacing one will not be as traumatic.

I'm making the 1840 Sampler Shawl from Victorian Lace Today . Blogging about lace is a little uneventful since it's all going to look like a big shapeless pink blob until it's done (my ravelry has a few more pink blob pictures). Here it is in all its lumpy shapeless glory. I'm liking the "sampler" format so far. Most of the shawls I've done have been like Kiri, a triangle where each row gets longer and longer and longer and I get bored with the pattern. I'm digging the rows that stay the same length and the pattern that keeps changing. We'll see about that applied border though. I've only done one, and it was much much smaller.

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